Thursday, February 21, 2013

Faculty promoted to full, associate and tenure

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President Walter Harrison and Provost Sharon L. Vasquez have recently announced promotions and tenure for several faculty members at the University of Hartford.
The Board of Regents Executive Committee voted on Jan. 24 to approve the following professors for promotion.
From the Barney School of Business, Jeffrey P. Cohen was promoted to full professor.  Cohen teaches in the Department of Economics, Finance, and Insurance.
Irina Naoumova, Associate Professor or Entrepreneurship, was given tenure this year, which gives her a permanent position.
Six faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences were rewarded for their hard work.
After 17 years at the University, computer science expert Carolyn Pe Rosiene was promoted to full professor, which is the highest rank that any given professor can achieve.
Five others from the Arts and Sciences received tenure and have been promoted to associate professor.
Those of which include: Modern Language Professor Nicholas Ealy, Biology Professor Aime A. Levesque, Mathematics Professor Fei Xue, and Psychology Professors Anne E. Pidano and Peter A. Weiss.
Diana Veneri was promoted to Associate Physical Therapy Professor within the College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions.
This promotional ranking is just below a full professor, but still very worthy of recognition.
Three professors from the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture have been promoted.
Thomas Eppes and Ladimer Nagurney were promoted to full professor and Patricia Mellodge to an associate professor.  All three of these professors teach electrical and computer engineering.
These professors focus mainly on the study of electronics and electromagnetics.
Nagurney also teaches biomedical engineering.Through her teachings she helps students to learn the basic knowledge of the field of medicine.
The Hartt School has seen five promotions this year as Robert Black is now full professor of the double bass.  He  aids students in their ability to play the largest stringed instrument in the modern symphony orchestra.
Associate professors now include Warren Haston of Music Education and Akane Mori of Music Theory. Both majors are popular in the Hartt School.
Robert Barefield  Professor of Voice and Mihai Tetel, Professor of Cello have been awarded tenure in 2013.
Hillyer College history professor Mari Firkatian has been promoted to full professor.
English professor Joyce Ashuntantang is now an associate professor with tenure.
The University of Hartford congratulated all faculty members for their accomplishments. There is much appreciation for all of their work and enthusiasm in passing on their expertise to the students at the University of Hartford.


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