Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Milanovic and ME Students in Design World Magazine

Simulation app built by undergraduate students Iliana Albion-Poles and Jeffrey Severino

An article, ‘Simulation apps provide graduates with a competitive advantages,’ featuring Ivana Milanovic, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Iliana Albion-Poles, and Jeffrey Severino, undergraduate mechanical engineering students, has been published in the Design World Magazine.
The article provides an overview of the use of simulation apps by undergraduate students at the University of Hartford. The apps provide students with easy-to-use specialized user interfaces to run realistic simulations and visualize results without any previous training. This inquiry-based learning method enables deeper understanding of the physics and theory. Students can then easily progress to learn more about the underlying model and even build their own simulation apps. An application ‘Tones in Multi-Stream Nozzle’ by Jeffrey Severino and Iliana Albion-Poles, was featured in the article. This work was funded by the Connecticut Space Grant for Faculty Research and resulted in a presentation at an undergraduate research and creativity colloquium.
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Unotes 8/22/18