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Faculty and Staff Awarded More Than $6 Million in Grants

CETA Faculty awarded some of the $6 Million in Grants at the University

University of Hartford faculty and staff were awarded $6,213,174 in grants and contracts in 2011-12. Additionally, awards for the NASA space grant totaled $37,000 and the Hartford Scholars program totaled $18,700.

The recipients of those awards, and the funding organizations, were honored recently at the annual External Funding Recognition Reception held at the President’s home (Russell House). The reception was sponsored by the Office of the President, the Office of the Provost, and the Office of Sponsored Programs. Support for the event was also provided by Morton Handel, a University regent, and Irma Handel.

Following is a list of the recipients, the grants they received, and the funding organizations.

Barney School of Business

Ann Costello
Risk Manager in Residence
Spencer Educational Foundation – $3,000

Marilyn Risi
• Community Development Block Grant – Year 38
City of Hartford – $100,000

• Tenant Automated Litter Vacuum
City of Hartford – $7,665

• Upper Albany Main Street Technical Grant Assistance
Bank of America – $7,500

College of Arts and Sciences

Michael Anderson
Developing a General Ethical Dilemma Analyzer
National Science Foundation – $66,061

Joanna Borucinska
• Connecticut Sea Grant
University of Connecticut – $3,500

• Morphological Studies of Bioindicators in Sharks
Quebec-Labrador Foundation – $500

Albert DiChiara
Weed and Seed Evaluation – Year 5
City of Hartford – $4,000

Marcia Hughes
• Help Me Grow: National Technical Assistance Center 2012
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center – $49,267

• Help Me Grow: National Technical Assistance Center 2013
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center – $16,400

• Program Evaluation of Connecticut Department of Correction Initiatives:
Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program
Connecticut Department of Correction – $69,000

• Research and Evaluation of Community Based Programs
Connecticut Department of Social Services – $899,741

Jean McGivney-Burelle, John Tapper and Larissa Schroeder
• PROMISE: Promoting Mastery in STEM Education
Connecticut Office of Financial and Academic Affairs – $134,074

• PROMISE: Promoting Mastery in STEM Education
Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology – $56,033

Karin Tusinsky Miofsky
Building a Prevention Framework to Address Teen “Sexting” Behaviors
University of Massachusetts, Lowell – $11,167

Anne Pidano
Pediatric Behavioral Health in Primary Care
Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut – $1,500

College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions

Barbara Crane
Development of a Clinical Guide to Standardized Wheelchair Seating Measures
University of Colorado – $5,171

Mary Christensen
Educational Main Street Tutoring Program

– Ensworth Charitable Foundation – $10,000
– Elizabeth Carse Family Foundation – $3,000
–  George and Grace Long Foundation – $3,000
– Jumoke Academy – $5,000
–  TD Bank Charitable Foundation – $5,000
– The Barnes Foundation – $12,500

Adam Goodworth
Vestibular Contribution to the Control of Human Upright Stance
Oregon Health and Science University – $101,216

Beth Parker
The Effect of High-Dose Atrovastatin on Neuronal Activity and Cognition in Humans
Hartford Hospital – $76,154

College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture

Mary Arico
Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Project
Covidien – $5,000

Robert Celmer
Just Noticeable Difference of Reverberation Time
Veneklasen Research Foundation – $15,000

Thomas Filburn
•  Collaborative Nuclear Fellowship Program Applied Research in Radiation Damage and Mitigation
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission – $340,805

•  Compact, Regenerable Microlith Adsorber for Spacesuite CO2, Humidity and Trace Contaminant Control
Precision Combustion – $45,446

•  Internship Development and Talent Directory
Connecticut Innovations – $100,000

• Miniaturization of Underwater Life Support Rebreathers
U.S. Department of the Navy – $115,125

• Model See-Through Reactor
Westinghouse Charitable Giving Program – $5,000

Thomas Filburn and Mary Arico
National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program 2013–2017
National Aeronautics and Space Administration – $2,380,000

Thomas Filburn and Cy Yavuzturk
Use of Physical and Computer Models to Enhance Learning for Nuclear Power Plant Design and Operation
U.S. Regulatory Commission – $121,560

Louis Manzione
Newman’s Own Foundation
– $25,000

David Pines and Marcia Hughes
Promoting Entrepreneurial Development and Sustainable Agribusiness in Rural Western Kenya
National Colleagiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance

Chittaranjan Sahay
Task 14: Modeling of Oxidation-Depletion Kinetics and Material Surface Degradation
United Technologies, Pratt & Whitney Division

Michelle Vigeant
Importance of Late-Sound-Field Properties and Listener Envelopment to Room Acoustic Quality and Design
National Science Foundation

Hartford Art School

Nancy Stuart and Robert Calafiore
Pre-Collegiate Workshop
SBM Charitable Foundation

The Hartt School

Aaron Flagg and Steve Metcalf
2012-13 and 2013-14 Richard P. Garmany Chamber Music Series
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Hilary Respass
•  ENCORE Program at Rawson Middle Grades Academy
Hartford Board of Education

•  Fund for Access ScholarshipsEllen Jeanne Goldfarb Memorial Charitable Trust $5,000People’s United Bank $1,500

Hillyer College

David Goldenberg
• Bridge to the Future  Bank of America $5,000  The Hartford Financial Services Company   $6,000

• Bridge to the Future
Travelers Foundation

Michael Robinson
Exploration: A Critical & Creative Folio & Performance
Hartford Consortium for Higher Education

Sharon Shepela
Road Scholars for Peace
Hartford Consortium for Higher Education – $1,800


Jim Keener
Soccer Excellence Fund
Newman’s Own Foundation – $5,000

Human Resources Development

Kathe Snow and Jamie Harlow
Shape Up Cigna!

Student Affairs

Matthew Blocker-Glynn
2012 SWEET Day
Newman’s Own Foundation

Mary Norris
Health Services Education
Consolidated Health Plans

John Ramsey
WWUH Radio Program
Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

University Libraries

Randi Ashton-Pritting
Mobile Technology Pilot Project
William and Alice Mortensen Foundation

University Relations

Sandra Cahill
Community Development Block Grant – Year 37
City of Hartford

Community Development Block Grant – Year 38
City of Hartford

Entrepreneurial Center
Prudential Foundation

DECD Entrepreneurial Center
Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development Foundation

Women’s Business Center Program
U.S. Small Business Administration

Christine Grant
Lest We Forget: Images of the Black Civil Rights Movement
First Niagara

Eleta Jones
Scholarships for Adult Career Counseling Center
Charles Nelson Robinson Fund

Career Planning, Job Search Assistance for the Community College Community
Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education

Eileen Peltier
TD Bank Business Leadership Series
TD Bank

Total – $6,213,174
(Excluding Hartford Scholars program and NASA space grant awards)

Space Grant Consortium

Ivana Milanovic
Computational Fluid Dynamics Investigation of Coherent Structures in Jets in Cross-Flow
National Aeronautics & Space Administration

Michael Robinson
Lessons from the Last Frontier
National Aeronautics & Space Administration

Cy Yavuzturk
Space Suite Life Support Development
National Aeronautics & Space Administration

Space Grant Total

Hartford Scholars Program

Fuss & O’Neill

Greater Hartford Automobile Dealers Association

HCC Global

JCJ Architecture
Northeast Utilities Service Company $5,000

People’s United Community Foundation

Reid & Reige

Robinson & Cole LLP

Shipman & Goodwin LLP

Tecton Architects

The Simon Konover Company

Waterford Group Charitable Foundation

Hartford Scholars Program Total $18,700

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