Monday, May 22, 2017

CETA Faculty Lauria, Lamb, and Abu-aisheh Publish in International Journal of Engineering Research and Innovation

Sarah Lamb

Dominic Lauria

CETA part-time faculty members Dominic Lauria, Sarah Lamb, and Associate Professor of the Samuel I. Ward Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Akram Abu-aisheh published their recent research in the 2016 Fall/Winter issue of the International Journal of Engineering Research and Innovation. The Article is entitled “Designing Standalone Microgrid and Grid-Connected Smartgrid Hybrid Solar/Wind Energy Systems.”

Their research focused on the design and simulation of a 48V standalone microgrid that was powered primarily by the photvoltaic (PV) panels and a wind turbine, but also has the ability to hook up to the main electrical grid. The PV panels convert solar energy into DC voltage output. The wind turbines convert mechanical energy of a spinning rotor into an AC Voltage output.

The results yielded by their research was conclusive meaning that both the wind turbines and the PV panels were tested alone and were found to have similar energy outputs as the standalone systems.

In addition to this prestigious publication, Sarah Lamb will be graduating with her Master of Science in Engineering degree from CETA this May 2017.

CETA would like to congratulate Dominic Lauria, Sarah Lamb and Dr. Akram Abu-aisheh on their accomplishments!

If you would like to read the full article click the link below:

UNOTEs - 5/22/17

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