Wednesday, August 10, 2016

CETA’s Sussmann has Presentations on Three Continents this Summer.

CETA's Professor Sussmann Presents -

Ted Sussmann, assistant professor in CETA’s Civil, Environmental, and Biomedical Engineering Department, was involved in presentations in Italy, China, and at the University of Illinois this summer. In Milan, Italy, Dr. Sussmann attended the World Congress on Railway Research and was coauthor of the paper “Long Term Performance of Slab Track Designed for Shared Passenger and Freight Operations and Tested Under Heavy Freight Trains”, which summarizes the results from a recently completed long term test Dr. Sussmann worked to initiate in his early research for the Volpe Center in Cambridge, MA. In China, Dr. Sussmann was invited to speak at the First International Summit on Railroad Engineering and Transportation Geotechnics at Central South University in Changsha. Finally, Dr. Sussmann presented “Track Substructure Influences on Track Support Conditions” at the 2016 International Crosstie and Fastening Symposium at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Ted Sussman giving Presentation in Changsha China
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