Friday, August 26, 2016

Awards Recognize Faculty and Staff Achievement

Twelve faculty and staff members were recognized for their exceptional contributions during this year’s, 2016-17, Faculty/Staff Kickoff.

The College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture is proud to announce and congratulate two of the winners as CETA faculty:

Awards for Innovations in Teaching and Learning:

Seth Holmes - Assistant Professor of Architecture in the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture:

Last fall, graduate students in Holmes's "Advanced Building Systems" course built six different huts to analyze the effectiveness of architectural design methods in relation to indoor environment comfort and energy use. You may have seen the huts located near Lincoln Theater and the picnic grove on the residential side of campus. This active learning technique promotes students’ ability to evaluate and apply knowledge to real-world architectural design proposals.


(L-R) Interim Provost H. Frederick Sweitzer, Associate Professor Nels Highberg, Professor Katherine Stevinson-Nollet, Professor Robert Carl, Assistant Professor Seth Holmes, University President Walter Harrison

The Women’s Advancement Initiative Faculty Fellowship Program:

Ivana Milanovic - Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture

Milanovic is an inspiring teacher, tireless professional, and excellent researcher, who always focuses on her students and the community. She is an expert in developing high-impact practices in teaching and a champion in using multimedia and enriched content.


(L-R) Interim Provost H. Frederick Sweitzer, Professor Ivana Milanovic, Amy Jaffe Barzach, University President Walter Harrison
Unotes - 8/26/16

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