Friday, September 25, 2015

Federal Grant Awarded

Sahay and Ghosh Awarded Federal Grant to Develop Course and Training Materials

Posted 09/25/2015

Transmission Gearbox
                       Transmission Gearbox
Professor Chittaranjan Sahay and Assistant Professor Suhash Ghosh of CETA’s Department of Mechanical Engineering have received a grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop course and training materials to accentuate the impact of standards and standardization on product realization.

The focus of this project will be the design, modeling, manufacturing, and inspection of a transmission gearbox. The course and training modules developed at the end of the 18-month project period will supplement the areas of mechanical design, materials selection, engineering drawing, manufacturing processes, measurements, and inspection. The grant is funded by NIST Standards Services Curricula Development (SSCD) Cooperative Agreement Program.

Through this grant opportunity, Sahay and Ghosh hope to ensure use of standards in design, manufacturing and metrology courses, standard test methods in the laboratory, encourage internship experiences to report on standards usage, obtain teaching resources from Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs), and identify “capstone projects” to challenge students in the use and application of standards. According to Sahay and Ghosh, few engineering students are introduced to standards in school, and even fewer are given an understanding of the standards development process. Students need greater exposure to standardization to position themselves competitively.

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