Monday, May 18, 2015

Commencement 2015 - CETA



University of Hartford – College of Engineering, Technology, & Architecture Commencement Ceremonies

“I invite you to open your eyes, open your ears, and open your heart by giving voice to those less fortunate than yourself.  You will not be sorry,” was the direction that Caryl M. Stern (President and Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF) urged graduating University of Hartford students to take as they leave campus and go out into the world.  “When I care, when I act, when I give, my life is at its richest,” Stern said.
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Sunday, May 17, 2015 hosted the University of Hartford and College of Engineering, Technology, & Architecture (CETA) spring 2015 Commencement ceremonies.  From CETA, 162+ graduating seniors (& 53 master’s candidates on May 16th) received degrees.  The events of the weekend were filled with festivities and honors for students and faculty with celebrations among families and friends as well.  To read more details about all events, please visit:      


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

CETA Dedicates Reverberation Room | University of Hartford

CETA Dedicates Reverberation Room | University of Hartford

CETA Design Expo - Spring 2015

                                                   CETA Design Expo - Spring 2015

Friday, May 1, 2015

A wonderful day of exhibition, poster competition & celebration in the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture.  Sophomores & senior – sharing knowledge & experience. 

ES 242 - Design Challenge:  Motivate & Empower Mobility

ES 242: Engineering by Design - An in-depth study of the design process to include problem solving methodologies, evaluation of alternate solutions, economic analysis, ethical constraints, group dynamics, and presentation techniques. Students undertake design projects specifically chosen to meet the objectives of this course.

This Design Challenge is focused on ways to motivate / empower mobility among older adults in their daily lives, both inside their homes and in their community.

The goals of the Design Challenge are threefold:

           Create well-designed, practical solutions that address key issues associated with aging.

           Encourage a new generation of students to become knowledgeable about aging issues.

           Provide promising designers with a path to drive change in the world.

The Spring 2015 Challenge focuses on solutions to empower mobility among these older adults at a personal level by:

           Reducing sedentary lifestyles.

           Encouraging and enabling physical movement and exercise.

           Reducing barriers and increasing facilitators to mobility in the home and community.


* Design Evaluation Criteria:
The following criteria will be used by judges to evaluate the final product and to choose the winning designs/products.

1. Does the product meet the design challenge?  (Does it empower and/or motivate mobility?)
2. Does the product work?  (Can it successfully be demonstrated?)
3. Is the product easy to use/operate?  Is the produce safe?
4. Does the end product consider the target population?  (Who are the end users? Will the product be accepted and utilized by the target population?)
5. Was the design process implemented?  (Is there evidence/documentation of the design process?)

Senior Capstone Projects:

Senior Design/Capstone courses are the culminating experience for students.  Students work on projects in their field of study with faculty mentors or external project sponsors to design, fabricate, and/or test a device, process, or system.  This is a major design experience based on the knowledge and skills acquired in earlier course work, and incorporating industry appropriate standards and realistic constraints.  Students participating are enrolled in

·         AET 489 - Senior Capstone Project
·         BE 461 - Biomedical Engineering Design Project II
·         CE 460 - Civil Engineering Design Project
·         AUD 471 - Senior Project
·         ECE 483 - Capstone Design II
·         ECT 481 - Senior Design Project II for Engineering Technology
·         ME 461 – Acoustics Capstone Design
·         ME 473 - Capstone Design Project II ·         MET 482 - Capstone for Engineering Technology

* Design Evaluation Criteria:
The following criteria will be used by judges to evaluate the projects and posters and to choose the winning designs/posters.

1.    Clarity of the poster and oral presentations,
2.    Student’s overall responses to the questions of the judges, and
3.    The completeness of the work.
4.    Quality of the project.