Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Women Thrive at the University of Hartford.

Women Thrive at the University of Hartford:

Emily Meachon ’16 (and WELCorps Student Leader) and her mentor Jessica Nicklin will study the connections between birth order, leadership, and the success in college students.
Katherine McLellan ’16 and faculty mentor Susan Mardinly aim to find remarkable female composers from the 1920s on to form a chronological timeline of the history of women composers and their influence in the theatre and music genre. Katherine plans to educate the audience through a final concert and slideshow. 
Tanya Johnson 15 and faculty mentor Ivana Milanovic will simulate a "hole tone’" system in which information will be provided on vortex shedding, source location of acoustic waves, and noise mitigation strategies.
Madison Norwich ’16 (a WELCorps Student Leader) along with her faculty mentor, Mala Matacin, will educate the University of Hartford’s campus on the current issues of sexual violence, while creating a safe environment of support for survivors.
Dorothy Goodwin, educator, politician, world traveler, and family member, inspired women and girls to live beyond limitations—to exercise their full potential. She recognized that reaching one’s potential requires challenging opportunities, committed mentors, and financial support. It is in honor of her influence and with gratitude for the generosity of her friends and family that the Women’s Education and Leadership Fund (WELFund) offers the Dorothy Goodwin Scholars.