Tuesday, February 18, 2014

King Publishes in Environment International

Eoin King, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and acoustics, CETA, has published an article in Environment International (Impact Factor 6.248) titled “An Assessment of Residential Exposure to Environmental Noise at a Shipping Port.” The article was co-authored by Enda Murphy, University College Dublin, Ireland. 

The paper reports on a study examining the extent of noise exposure for residents within the vicinity of Dublin Port, Ireland. Noise levels were monitored over a period of 45 days and results were compared to World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations. The research also investigated the extent of low-frequency noise from night-time port handling activity. The results show that exposure is above night-time guideline limits set down by WHO, above Irish levels for the assessment of noise mitigation and highlight the extent to which port noise can be a significant environmental stressor.

Source: http://www.hartford.edu/daily/Article/View/16034

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