Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fang and Xue Publish Research Article on Leading Vehicle Characteristics

Clara Fang, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, CETA, and Fei Xue, associate professor of mathematics, A&S, recently collaborated on a research project studying leading vehicle characteristics on urban streets and highways. The research work is published in a peer-reviewed journal: the International Journal of Modern Engineering.
Using a capability-enhanced microscopic traffic simulation model developed by the authors, lead vehicle behavior data were extracted and examined at a second-by-second level. A study area in the City of Hartford, Conn., was selected including a segment of Interstate 91 with both on and off ramps, and a section of urban street with eight signalized intersections, one stop sign and one yield control. They analyzed how lead vehicle speed and acceleration varies along basic uniform roadway segments, with grade, with horizontal curvature and also approaching signalized controls. The lead vehicle typology developed in this research will contribute to the current microscopic car-following theories and vehicle emission models to improve the accuracy of such models.

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