Monday, March 11, 2013

CETA student Ruthanne Doherty In Hartford Courant

Ruthanne Doherty
Doherty, of Richmond, Va., has always wanted to help those in Sierra Leone, her father, Oludele's, homeland, ever since Oludele visited the country and told her stories about the horrific maimings and killings that took place during the civil war that ended in 2002. Ruthanne's uncle, Oludele's younger brother, died in the conflict.
"My ultimate goal is to own and operate a nonprofit organization that develops prosthetics and administers them to developing countries," Doherty said. "Sierra Leone, and other countries as well."
Doherty, who averages 7.5 points and 4.3 rebounds, is a biomedical engineering major who had a 3.91 GPA last semester and whose overall GPA is now 2.94. She also has a minor in math. In one of her classes right now, they are working on developing a prosthetic foot.
Doherty went to an engineering academy at L.C. Bird High School in Richmond, so she was used to rigorous coursework when she arrived at Hartford.
She's had internships with Bristol-Myers Squibb, Hartford Hospital and the Connecticut Forum. Last year, she volunteered to work in the emergency room at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center. Like Elliott, she plans to work for a while before heading to graduate school.

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