Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Four CETA Students Attend COMSOL Conference

(L-R) Harini Patlolla, Aneela Naz, Tom Eppes, Annie Becerra, and Karen Brzostowski

Four CETA engineering students attended the annual COMSOL conference in Newton, Mass., from Oct. 3-5. On hand were Harini Patlolla and Aneela Naz, both master’s candidates in electrical engineering, as well as Annie Becerra, a senior electrical engineering major, and Karen Brzostowski, a junior in mechanical engineering. Accompanying the students was Tom A. Eppes, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering.
The conference features peer-reviewed work in the area of multiphysics modeling and simulations and consists of keynote addresses, user presentations and minicourses.

Patlolla presented a paper titled "Early Stage Melt Ejection in Laser Percussion Drilling," co-authored with Eppes and Milanovic. The four students, along with Stacey Dufrane, a junior in mechanical engineering, have been working on research projects in laser drilling, electronic heat sink trade-offs, and conformal patch antenna design funded by a grant from WELFund.

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