Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Eppes, Milanovic, and Patlolla Present Research Paper at COMSOL Conference

Surface temperature distribution (t = 3.2 ms)
Tom Eppes, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, CETA; Ivana Milanovic, professor of mechanical engineering, CETA; and Harini Patlolla, electrical engineering graduate student, presented a research paper at the COMSOL Conference, which took place earlier this month in Newton, Mass.
The annual conference features peer-reviewed work in the area of multiphysics modeling and simulations.
The paper, "Early Stage Melt Ejection in Laser Percussion Drilling," describes a percussion laser drilling model during the early stage of melt formation and ejection. The target material is iron with temperature dependent material properties that are used to model the phase transitions. Velocity and temperature fields above and within the target metal are discussed.  The size and shape of the vapor and melt fronts during the drilling process are revealed with a particle trace analysis.

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