Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Professor Townsend featured on Contextures blog

CETA  Professor  Lee Townsend was given the honor of having her Excel VBA code published on the Contextures blog. is one of the well established goto sites for learning Excel.  The code written by Professor Townsend documents the structure of the VBA code in an Excel workbook, thus allowing an easy method for tracking procedure calls.  She is in the process of improving it.  Classes and Forms have been added and a procedure flow tree is in the works.

She has written the code for several Excel workbooks over the last few years that may be of interest to our UH community.  They work on both Mac and PC.  One identified the prerequisite grade history of students enrolled in a particular course based on reports from the Registrar.  Another, created in collaboration with Professor Patricia Mellodge, takes the data from Registrar reports then creates a worksheet for the Academic Standings Committee that contains GPAs, course completion rates etc. for the over 800 CETA students.  A third take the University schedule as generated by Class Search then reformats it for usability.  A few of its features are presentation of room and faculty schedules on a UH weekly schedule form, identification of conflicts for both faculty and students, identification of required course availability for a given major and semester, and the ability to present in a graphical format the overlapping schedules for a set of given CRNs.   Please contact Professor Townsend ( if you are interested in seeing the codes in action for possible porting to your UH college.

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