Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Students recognized: Accardo, Arsenault, McCann given top awards for leadership

On Sunday, April 29, this year’s Student Leadership Awards were announced.
Recognizing students and student organizations, the awards were given out at a ceremony and brunch.
The Robert Hanley Award, which is considered the most prestigious out of all the awards, was given to Ben Accardo. The Hanley Award is given to a student who has demonstrated a solid commitment to the University. Accardo’s award was based off his involvement in student organizations, service to the community, having a positive spirit and serving as a role model for other students.
The M. Kevin Fahey Gengras Student Union Award was given to Daniel Arsenault. M. Kevin Fahey was actually in attendance at the ceremony. Fahey is retiring this year from Student Union Director at UConn after 41 years. He also served ten years as Student Union Director at UHa. The award is given to someone demonstrating student leadership in the development of the overall program and mission of GSU.
The Richard D. Keller Award was given to John McCann. This award is given to recognize one student with a physical disability that demonstrates the perseverance in his involvement in University programs or student organization. McCann was awarded this award for his complete participation and involvement in campus life even with his disability.
Along with these three awards, awards were given out for Student Organization, Community Service, Best Program, the Dean of Students Recognition of Service Award, the First-Year Student Award and the Good Neighbor Award.

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