Friday, December 9, 2011

Manzione and Fang Visit China to Explore Collaborations with Chinese Universities

Fang (far right) and Manzione (second from right) are pictured at Shanghai Normal University with the vice president and the leadership team of the College of Information, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
Dean Lou Manzione and Associate Professor Clara Fang of the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA) recently traveled to Shanghai, China, to explore international collaboration programs with Chinese universities.

Dean Manzione also visited Beijing to attend the Global Engineering Deans Conference (GEDC) that was hosted by the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) and Peking University.

Manzione and Fang visited four universities in the greater area of Shanghai and Hangzhou, China, during their one-week stay there.  They met with deans, faculty, administration and students from various colleges and disciplines, including engineering (civil, electrical, computer, mechanical and transportation), music, fine arts, architecture, urban planning, and international education.

Several collaborative programs were well received and discussed in greater detail in China. They are Graduate Engineering 4+1 model, Capstone Project leading to graduate enrollment, and student summer programs. The agreements between CETA and two engineering/architecture schools of Shanghai Normal University on educational cooperation were developed, discussed and signed.

Manzione and Fang have also opened up a dialogue with Chinese universities in the areas of the visual arts and the performing arts to introduce them to The Hartt School and the Hartford Art School, and have relayed their interest in collaboration with the University of Hartford. Manzione and Fang were also able to make several important connections through the GEDC and the Global Symposium, and this provided good visibility for CETA among the 200+ engineering colleges from around the world that were represented in these meetings.

Manzione and Fang's visit was assisted by Sam Skinner, the University of Hartford's director of international admission. The trip was extremely productive, and provides considerable opportunities for CETA and other schools and colleges of the University of Hartford to grow interactions with universities in China.
Manzione (left) meets with Dr. Bai, director of the International Office at Shanghai Normal University.

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