Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WELFund Announces 2011-12 Grantees

The Women’s Education and Leadership Fund (WELFund) would like to publicly announce and recognize the grantees selected for funding in 2011-12. The nine projects were chosen out of a highly competitive pool of applicants. Collectively, the proposals advance the potential of women in every school or college of the University of Hartford, and will have an impact on the surrounding communities as well.

WELFund grants range in amount from $2,000 to $10,000. All students, staff, and faculty are eligible to apply in the once-a-year grant review process. Information about program priorities and leadership development initiatives offered by WELFund is available on the program’s webpage: www.hartford.edu/welfund.

Please join the board, staff, and donors of WELFund in congratulating the following grantees:

David Goldenberg and Linda Moran, Hillyer College
“Bridge to the Future Leadership Project”
Twenty of the University’s newest women students will participate in the only University-wide SummerBridge program, focusing on leadership and psychology.

Bhin Zhu and Betsy Kadapuram, College of Arts and Sciences (A&S)
“Study of Environmental Estrogens in North Branch of Park River”
This student-professor research team will examine water quality in different streams of the North Branch Park River watershed for the presence of environmental estrogens that can cause breast cancer and early onset of puberty for girls.

Ivana Milanovic, College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA)
“NASA Coherent Structures Development Research”
Four students from various engineering majors will form a research team, to be mentored by CETA’s Ivana Milanovic. Together, the team will engage in research through NASA’s Exploration Development Theme.

Mary Arico, CETA, and Ingrid Russell, A&S
“Summer STEM Immersion”
Faculty collaborators from Computer Science, A&S, and CETA will create an intensive, engaging Summer Place experience for middle school girls from the communities surrounding the University. Grant funds will support program development and provide scholarships for interested participants not otherwise able to attend.

Paige Bray, College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions (ENHP)
“Veteran Teachers of Color Stories”
Bray and her team of women student researchers will compile the stories of local veteran teachers of color, building on Bray’s research of the life of Dr. Nettie Webb, who served for over 30 years in a New York area school district integrated before the Brown v. Board of Education decision.

Jenni Freidman, Hartford Art School
“Women in Contemporary Printmaking”
Two women students in the Hartford Art School’s printmaking program will join Freidman in attending the Southern Graphics Council National Conference. The students will attend “open portfolio” sessions, sharing their work and receiving critique on a national scale. These students will then share their experiences in an on-campus forum for other members of the University community.

T. Stores, A&S
“First Time in Every Time”
Students in Stores's first-year seminar will compile oral histories of residents of the Duncaster retirement living facility, creating connections between populations that are both in a state of transition. A team of senior women students will serve as editors of a final compilation of the residents’ stories.

Karen Tejada, Hillyer College
“Las Mujeres Pueden Tambien”
Tejada and a woman student researcher will interview and compile qualitative data on the political practices of Salvadoran women residing in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Expanding on earlier research completed by Tejada, this study will seek enhanced understanding of the women’s unique change and mobilization strategies.

Susan Coleman, Barney School of Business
“Financial Strategies for Women-Owned Firms”
Coleman and a co-author from the Kauffman Foundation will complete final research and writing for A Rising Tide: Financing Strategies for Women-Owned Firms. This book on women entrepreneurs and their quest for funding will be the first of its kind, and a first for Coleman as well.

Over the past five years, WELFund has delivered on its mission of advancing each woman’s potential in the HCW tradition by awarding over 70 grants to faculty, students and staff, as well as through scholarships, leadership development programs and inspiring conversations. Keep up to date on all WELFund events and news; sign up to receive our e-news by contacting Donna Haghighat at haghighat@hartford.edu.

Source: http://www.hartford.edu/daily/Articles.asp?MainID=10855&Category=1

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