Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Milanovic, Eppes, and Russell Publish Journal Article

Ivana Milanovic, associate professor of mechanical engineering, CETA; Tom Eppes, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, CETA; and Ingrid Russell, professor of computer science, A&S, recently published an article in the International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE). The iJOE publishes fundamentals, applications and experiences in the area of remote engineering, virtual instrumentation, and simulation techniques.

The paper, "Engineering Multiphysics Research," outlines a course of study that focuses on the methods and techniques of multidisciplinary modeling. High priority research projects range from power systems and thermal control of habitats to autonomous flight systems and harsh environment electronics. Four teaching and learning strategies are integrated: (1) cooperative learning, (2) relevant research topics, (3) project-based assignments, and (4) modular-based scaffolding.

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