Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vampire Tutoring provides late-night help in math, science.

By Sarah Wilson in News,
With the success of last semester’s “Vampire” math tutoring, the program will again be implemented this semester, this time extending to chemistry and biology as well.
With the Vampire Tutoring program, students are offered a convenient way of getting help. It offers an opportunity for students to get work done at a time when they likely will not have any prior obligations, as many are busy during the day.
“Students can just walk in and do homework on their own, and have someone there to help them when they get stuck,” said Andrea Miller, Associate Director of the Student Success Center.
She explained that math and science during Vampire Tutoring are taught by two students majoring in education, with an emphasis in the math and science field.
The idea for the program came about after more and more students contacted the Student Success Center seeking help with work.
“The bulk of our tutoring requests are for math and science, and mostly the lower level courses,” said Miller. As a result, the Center created a constant resource for students seeking help in these areas.

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