Monday, March 10, 2014

Apply for the Emeriti Association Scholarship

The Emeriti Association of the University of Hartford is offering two $1,000 awards for the academic year 2014–2015.
Applications for the awards are due by March 25, 2014.
The awards, given annually to University of Hartford undergraduate students, are based on the following criteria:
a)      The student is selected based on scholarly achievement. A student’s Grade Point Average of at least 3.25 is the minimum expected for consideration by the selection committee.
b)      The candidate must also provide evidence of activities which contribute to the betterment of the University of Hartford or the community at large.
c)      The applicant must be an undergraduate in any of the colleges at the University of Hartford for at least one semester. Applicants should be entering their sophomore, junior, or senior year as a full-time student in the Fall 2014 semester.
d)     A successful applicant may seek renewal of the prize for one or more years, provided all the criteria for eligibility, stated above, are satisfied; however, every effort will be made to rotate the award among the various colleges of the University.
The awards are being promoted through the Office of Student Services in each of the colleges of the University. The awards for the 2014–15 academic year will be announced in May 2014, once the selection committee’s decision has been ratified.
To apply for an award, students must submit an application to Virginia Hale, the executive secretary of the Emeriti Association, outlining their qualifications for consideration. There is no application form; to apply, students should submit in hard copy:
-          A letter of application (no more than 2 pages) including school, major, level
-          Your goals and objectives, and any special information pertaining to scholarship and service. Indicate the names of your reference.
-          A resume (must be no more than one page in length)
-          Two letters of recommendation from the applicant’s advisor or other faculty members.
A committee of Emeriti faculty members, appointed by the chairman of the Emeriti Association, shall evaluate all applications and recommend two students for the awards. The committee represents a diversity of faculty disciplines.
Applications are due by 4:00 p.m. on March 25, 2014. Submit all materials by intercampus mail to Virginia Hale, A&S, A204. (860.768.4201).


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